Monday, April 27, 2009

May Day Mission to Panchas in Yountville

Comrades!  Our next mission will be Friday, May 1 at Pancha's.  Set your mission GPS with the following address coordinates:  6764 Washington Street in Yountville.  We'll rendezvous beginning at 18:00 (that's 6:00 pm).

We'll also be trying something new.  EVERYONE SHOULD WEAR SOMETHING RED.  That will make our group easier to spot and will display our festive solidarity!  Don't worry if you don't have anything red to wear.  Just be there!

Now, you may be asking yourself "why Pancha's?"  We've had a lot of specific requests from the troops.  We also like the fact that this mission moves us north to Yountville - with a supportive city council (not to get too political).

Here's some advance intel from Yelp:
  • They don't accept credit cards
  • They have a full bar
  • Parking is on the street (maybe some of our members hailing from Yountville can provide some parking hints)
  • Smoking is permitted inside (wear something washable AND RED!)
Troops from previous missions have the following to say via Yelp:
  • "A dive bar in YOUNTVILLE?  Love it!"
  • "Cool mixed biker/yuppie crowd made for an interesting evening."
  • "Music, friendly folk, a full bar, an attentive barkeep, a small garden area out back for getting fresh air, and plenty of stools inside for dragging on a smoke and taking up conversation with anyone."
  • "Talk to the patrons - most are regular diners at Ad Hoc, Bouchon and French Laundry.  This is a dive bar for the elite."
  • "Before spending a wad of cash on your Thomas Keller meal, drop by Pancha's for a dose of what life is really like in Yountville."
  • "Is it wrong that I went to Napa for my birthday and had more fun at the dive bar than I did tasting gallons of amazing wine I consumed over the weekend?"
  • "The only kicked back place up valley where you can grab a drink, play some pool, and by the time you leave everyone knows your first name."
  • "Who knows?  Thomas Keller may challenge you to a game of 9-ball!"
See you there!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Rainin' . . . Dollars!

One of our troops recently asked a great question. How much money have our events (like our visit to Henry's or our celebration at Compadres) brought into the coffers of our unsuspecting targets?
Leave a note in the comments. How much did you spend at each event? Would it be a worthwhile exercise to document how many of our "queer" 3-dollar bills are helping out the valley during these tough economic times?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Will The Guerillas March? Join Us!

Napa Valley Pride 2009 comes to the valley on Saturday, June 20th. We've heard that a parade is in the offing.
Here's a thought . . . what if the Napa Guerilla Gay Bar had a contingent marching in the parade? We could make formations in the shape of bar glassware! (just kidding, sort of)
Wanna join us? Drop us a line!
Photo - © Wollwerth Imagery -

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A little head-banging to get you in the mood

A classic from Electric Six sung by Flying Viking Kittens

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Thanks to everyone (all 50 + of you) that came to Compadres Rio Grill for our latest Napa Guerilla Gay Bar!

We had a great time out on the deck celebrating the one-year "blogoversary" of The Valley's Other Fruit and enjoying the full rainbow contingent of Peeps that were left over from the Napa Valley Unity League meeting earlier in the evening.

Only one casualty . . . and it was friendly fire! If you did a "dine & dash" after enjoying two margaritas and an order of quesadillas then you owe Ian $ 28.00. Not cool!

Keep watching for details about our next Napa Guerilla Gay Bar event!