Friday, July 15, 2011

Pre and Post Porchfest Functions

It's out of the garage and onto the porch!  It's Napa Porchfest 2011!

What is Napa Porchfest?  A different group of Napa musicians will be performing on the front porches of homes throughout Downtown neighborhoods on the same day (Sunday, July 31) at the same time (2 to 5 pm).  You pick and choose the ones you want to go hear. You "bike, drive, walk, skip, roller skate, skate board, pedibike or fly from porch to porch much like you would cruise from studio to studio during the Open Studio events".  Bring beach chairs and coolers . . . and be prepared for a great afternoon of music from Alta Heights to the alphabet streets!

Here's the plan - we'll meet at Alexis Baking Company (1517 Third Street, Napa) for a delicious brunch (including Alexis' famous Huevos Rancheros and baked goods) starting at 12:30 pm.  While there we'll compare notes and create our mission plan.  Some of us may pick one artist and head toward that porch around 1:45.  Others may want to experience a potpourri of musical magic and plan a route to follow during the three hour event.

At the conclusion of Porchfest at 5 pm we'll head over to Carpe Diem Wine Bar (1001 Second Street, Napa) to compare notes, share pictures/videos and enjoy Carpe Diem's outstanding food and beverages (we'll even be there in time for Happy Hour!)

It's going to be a great afternoon of music, food, beverages and good ol' Napa Guerilla Gay Bar camaraderie.  Join us!

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