Sunday, November 1, 2009

Team Guerilla Conquers Napa Valley AIDS Walk!

Napa Valley AIDS Walk 2009 was a HUGE success! According to event organizers, more than $20,000 was raised (twice as much as last year) to benefit HIV/AIDS services provided by the CARE Network at Queen of the Valley Medical Center.

And TEAM GUERILLA kicked butt and took names! We earned the title of "Number One Team" in fundraising - and took home the piece of "bling" that you see in the photo. Way to go, Guerillas! We raised more than $5,700 - and the donations are still coming in! (it's not to late to contribute if you haven't already - just follow this link)

Thanks to everyone who helped make this such an amazing event. Special shout-outs to Chris Edwards, Scott Butler & TJ Danser, this year's co-chairmen. Thanks also to Michael Muir of Access Adventure for providing the horses and carriage for the event.

Following the victory, about 50 tired troops showed up at Panchas of Yountville for a little rest and relaxation (as well as Rose's amazing margaritas). Fortunately, the taco truck was in the parking lot so that we could hit the "mess tent" before imbibing.

Again, thanks to everyone. Your Mission Commander is SO proud of his troops!

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