Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We'll Go Block by Block!


Sorry, it's a different Cheers.  It's Cheers! St. Helena.

It's the once-a-month event that takes over Main Street in downtown St. Helena.  On the first Friday of each month (between May and October) the stores, galleries and restaurants stay open late.  Each storefront hosts a different Napa Valley winery.  There's entertainment throughout the downtown corridor.  People mix and mingle.  It was a HUGE hit in it's inaugural season last year with over 15,000 people attending.  It's a blast!

So, why not join the ground troops from the Napa Guerilla Gay Bar on Friday, May 7 when we invade Cheers! St. Helena during their first event of the 2010 season.  Things get started at 6 p.m. and last until 9.

It's free to attend the event but if you want to sample wine then the cost is $35 . . . but if you donate $100 before April 15 you'll receive a season pass for all 6 events during 2010!  You can make your donation at http://www.cheerssthelena.com/

So, how will you know your fellow troops as you roam?  Dig through your closet and drawers and find something with rainbows or camouflage - extra points for something that is BOTH rainbow and camouflage!  It can be something as simple as a button.  It might even be your wristband from last year's Napa Valley Pride celebration!

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