Saturday, May 2, 2009

Roses and Victory Both Smell Sweet!

Rose and the entire crew at Pancha's in Yountville were absolutely amazing!

Service was fast, the music was hot (thanks to having DJ Rotten Robbie in the house and an absolutely amazing juke box) and the crowd had a ball. Quite a few troops picked up their weapon of choice - a pool cue - and attacked the tables.

Even with the less than optimal weather conditions we met lots of "new recruits". We also received reinforcement from some straight "Allies" (special thanks to Lona, Mel, Krista, Rob, Carolyn and others!)

One of the best moments of the evening was when Rose (the proprietor) turned down the music, stood up on the bar and thanked us all for coming. She even had us pose for a picture so she'll have a souvenir from our mission!

I think many of our troops will agree - Pancha's will definitely be on our list of future "R&R" locations.

Arguably our most successful mission to date! Thanks to everyone!

(Photos courtesy of Rob Doughty)

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