Sunday, December 6, 2009

DJ Rotten Robbie's 2009 Holiday Mixes

We at the Napa Guerilla Gay Bar organization hold a very special place in our hearts for DJ Rotten Robbie.

After all, the "Beringer Twilight T-Dance" during Napa Valley Pride 2009 wouldn't have been the same without him.

Likewise, "eat/drink/dance/walk!" wouldn't have raised over $2,000 for the Napa Valley AIDS Walk this year without his help.

And we can't even begin to imagine a party as big and fabulous as "Rockin' Around - a Holiday Party" without him at the turntables.

Well, one of your first gifts of the holiday season has arrived! DJ Rotten Robbie has released his set of five fabulous Holiday Mixes for 2009 . . . and they're yours to download and enjoy!

To download, visit You can download them all at once by clicking on "Download Folder" or you can download them one mix at a time by clicking on the individual links within the folder. Your choice. You can also choose the "Play" option if you'd like to listen to it on your computer without downloading them.

You can download and print the artwork and set lists in PDF format right here.

And don't forget - you can see DJ Rotten Robbie work his magic in person at "Rockin' Around - a Holiday Party" on Sunday, December 20 at The Center Cafe in Napa.

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