Friday, December 17, 2010

Due To Circumstances Beyond Our Control . . .

Well, we tried but just couldn’t pull it all together. As a result, we’re POSTPONING the Napa Guerilla Gay Bar holiday dance party and fundraiser.

We had originally planned to hold the event on Sunday, December 19. Unfortunately, plan after plan kept falling through:
  • the first venue was too small
  • the second was too expensive
  • the third venue never bothered to return our calls
  • the fourth venue didn’t have an ABC license (and what’s a Napa Guerilla Gay Bar event without a bar?)
  • the fifth venue was too busy
  • by the time we’d found the sixth venue we had run out of time
So, we took it as a sign that now was not the time.

You’ll be the first ones to know when we reschedule the event.

Have a great and safe holiday season.

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